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6 Hours of Light

This is not some regular black wallpaper and I am not eulogizing the death of someone or even something with this. Believe it or not, this is a picture of the streets outside of my window right now. 


   Gaza Strip

  Eeeh, us Gazans! You will always hear us nag about two things: The siege and the electricity and the drones, and the occupation.. ok maybe more than two things after all!

We are only allowed or gifted with 6 hours of electricity a day! “well, I guess that’s something to brag about” so 6 hours of light and the rest a total black out. No electricity hence no internet and even no network coverage for cellphone calls.

But you know what, I am not going to nag about the electricity crisis in this post. And I’m not even going to mention the “e” word. Instead I’m going to talk about something else because the last thing I’d want to read in a blog is someone pitying him/herself and their situation. And I believe a lot of Gazans will read this blog so I just don’t want to remind them. Enough is enough.

So as a more fun alternative, I’m going to talk about upcoming movies on TV. I guess we all agree that movies are always fun to talk about and criticize. Oh no wait a minute…. I can’t really talk about that because TV = “the thing that we do not speak its name” what a bummer!

Ok ok ok no problem. Something more exciting, let me see – Uh hah, 4 days ago I returned from Dubai and I got my brother an XBox game from there. Hold on a second, he didn’t even play it twice nor have I seen it in the first place because of the— damn! I’m losing my charm here!

BOOKS! Books are interesting and they say book are man’s best friend.. Ehem but they need light.. Wrong subject again

Alright, alright I got it this time, another subject change.. bear with me people

Laptops, once the battery is fully charged you won’t even need the (you know what) and it can hold up to 3 hours or more! Or you know what, I made up my mind I will talk about social media, Facebook and twitter.. they are undoubtedly the most talked about subjects  in the universe.

So Facebook ————-