I rest my case


The electricity crisis in Gaza is fierce, malignant and it keeps getting worse day by day. Like cancer. It keeps spreading and getting worse. At first this “cancer” was benign just 6 hours a day, we coped. But then it became 8 hours a day, we tried to cope. Then we prepared ourselves for the worst which is 12 hours a day. When that happened, the situation called for one thing. Chemo therapy. Unfortunately chemo did not work, because along with the power cuts came the problem of the lack of gasoline which was starting our generators everyday escaping this problem. And now we reached the fourth stage of cancer – the inoperable stage 16 hours a day. No electricity and No generators.

What should we do to solve this ongoing ever growing disease? It’s a disease that we gotta fight back, anyway. How are we going to do that?

I thought to myself, what should one do these days to be heard?

should one be a “Justin Bieber” so they can trend everyday worldwide on twitter?
“oh he’s 18”
High five to all beliebers

Or should one be a-famous-for-nothing celebrity like “kim kardashian” so our pictures would be all over facebook?

“what do you think of kim kardashian’s dress? Hot or Not?”

“Fashion inspiration ❤ kim kardashian”

The world is changing. The world is sick. The world has got an incurable cancer.

I rest my case.


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