A mighty, majestical, chills provoking, wide halo is around Gaza’s moon right now.

Family reactions:

Mom: feels like a heaven’s door is open.

Dad: he was saying prayers “Dua”

Sister: I envy those scientists who study the moon.. telescopes and all lucky basterds!

Me: I gotta take a good picture of this! This is soooo blogged

My little brother: I’m calling my brother in Dubai.

Brother from Dubai: say whaaaat! How come we can’t see this?

Other brother: he’s the one who told me! i was watching “The Change-up”.

My old Niece: where?

Uncle: they say there’s a planet approaching the moon or something..

Niece:  I prayed! Maaan this is the end of the world. (I think you should know that she’s a drama queen)

Her little brother: Dad are we in 2012? (he’s a drama queen too)

Her older brother: I shouldn’t have watched 2012! That damn movie has been hunting my dreams ever since I watched it.. and now.. man this is a sign (they all are a bunch of drama queens)

Her little sister: a sleep

Her little, little sister: I’m cold, are you done taking pictures yet?

My old niece after seeing it now with us on the roof: why are you  all so obsessed with this movie? *now talking to me alone* between you and I, I didn’t like it at all! i mean look at this! spooky

Me: guys you’re picking the wrong movie, this is “Armageddon” i mean a nother planet approaching the moon! hello! Bruce Willis, Armageddon. End of discussion

The older brother: you have no idea what you’re saying this is 2012!

All: hell yeah, 2012!

My niece Yasmeen: God loves us, and we live in a beautiful city 

Her sister Asmaa from Egypt: Lucky! 


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