My Gradu-Oscar speech:


Since I’m graduating this September I thought of writing a graduation speech. And since I tried writing a good one over and over again but dramatically failed I gave up. And most of all since I know that I won’t be the one giving it, I plagiarized the graduation speech from Grey’s anatomy S5 Episode22 “What a Difference a Day Makes”.

Here is the “Speech”!

Today’s the day my life begins. Today I become a citizen of the world. Today I become a grown up. Today I become accountable to someone other than myself and my parents. Accountable for more than my grades. Today, I become accountable to the world. To the future. To all the possibilities that life has to offer. Starting today, my job is to show up wide eyed and willing and ready. For what, I don’t know. For anything. For everything. To take on life. To take on love. To take on the responsibility and possibility. Today, my friends, our lives begin. And, I for one can’t wait.

That’s why I plagiarized it! Simply awesome!

  After plagiarizing this I thought to myself why steal! And even why write a speech that is not meant to be read! So I thought of something else. I thought of doing something no one ever did. I thought of..

  As soon as my name would be called, I would fake a surprise look, look at my friends saying “OMG it’s me,” walk dead slow towards the people who hand the certificates, wave my way there, throw fly kisses here and there, say “thank you”, to whom I don’t know just say “thank you” moving my lips as if saying it to a deaf person, and as soon as I reach “the people” I would thank them real hard, fake some tears, take a Hollywood pause while taking the picture with “the people” handing me the certificate, smile then suddenly grab a microphone then start giving an Oscars-like speech! All will try to stop me but eventually fail because the ceremony would be broadcasted Live on TV.

Here is my Oscars-Graduation speech:

Oh My God, whoa. 4 years waiting for this moment. (fake a shaky voice and an inability to express what’s on my mind.” Umm, thank you! Thank you very much! (looking at the people.) then turn my sight towards my parents and say: I’d like to thank my father and my mother and my family who were there for me, my teachers (Dr. Khadr, Dr. Ayman, Mr. Refa’at, Dr. Akram.. ) and umm I forgot the rest of the names I’m sorry but thank you, thank you all! (fake tears) and most of all I’d like to thank my friends whom I really love (Lina, Amany, Shahd, Wala’a, Hala) just all of you all of you thank you all and BIG LOVE to ya’ll.. And of course I shouldn’t forget to thank those who helped me unconditionally throughout my 4 struggling years of studying English literature, who helped me without asking for something in return, and because of them I got high marks in “some” of the courses which are:,,,,,,,,,,, and our personal favorite and other .coms which were a great help to me and my friends. Then of course i would leave or be escorted to leave the stage off to my destiny with the college security.

A perfect Oscars speech, right? and you know what! i think i’m gonna do it for real!


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