“Rally to Restore Sanity”

Last year, on the 30th of October Jon Stewart led a rally in the National Mall in Washington, D.C. which he called a “Rally to Restore Sanity.” It’s stated purpose was “to provide a venue for attendees to be heard above what Stewart describes as the more vocal and extreme 15–20% of Americans who “control the conversation” of United States politics.”


Inspired by the Egyptians and the Tunisians successful revolutions and the idea that “people” can make history together, Palestinians decided enthusiastically to arrange a rally calling for the “end of division” between factions in Palestine calling for unity between them all, and they organized it to be on March 15th. As for Gazans, all people of all ages and all backgrounds and all factions were looking forward to this day. Twitter and Facebook ever since the news of the rally spread out were the means of arrangements between the participants in the rally creating special “Groups” and “Pages” for the occasion.

March 15th has come, and most people were carrying the Palestinian flag up high wearing the Palestinian Koffya chanting for the end of division so proud and excited. But unfortunately the fact that a faction was holding its own flag infuriated the other faction, and holding the palestinian flag by some people infurated the same faction that is holding its own flag. And what was highly anticipated to be something of a success, turned out to be a highly anticipated mess, which soon turned into an assault between factions, which is lasting until this day.

Here is why I called my blog  “Rally to restore sanity” and why I began my blog with a piece of information about it:

I believe that the events and the assaults that are taking place here in Gaza, and after the unsuccessful rally that was supposed to unite rather than create more division, urgently needs a rally to restore sanity.

The sanity that says we are all Palestinians. We are not green, we are not yellow, and we are not red. We are not a color. We are a belief that together we can make a change, alone we make no progress and no nothing, and the sanity that division will bring nothing but more division and more separation, and that we must end this division hole that keeps increasing. The sanity that we must stop making a joke out of ourselves by being the worst example of democracy and unity, while we MUST be the role model, and that the real enemy is not each other but the forces who are devastating our houses, hijacks our lands and kills our children, women and men. for that and more i believe that, We MUST create our own well organized non-biased Palestinian rally to restore this sanity.  

I will conclude by saying, what is happening today and what happened on march 15th something we should all “Look Back in Anger at, and decisively determine that we must end this division and this insanity

My friends and I joined in the march15 rally, and we were pretty much “disappointed” with how things turned out. These are some pictures I took from the rally.



For more photos.. click here: http://tiny.cc/m03w6

ps. Look Back in Anger , is a play written by John Osborne about a young man who is desperately seeking change in the society and the new generation.  



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