Libre Libre Libya

“We live now in horrid times not in times.”

“Two days ago I joined a rally in solidarity with Libya. It was my very first time I ever even think of joining demonstrations.”


Upon seeing the images of the literally cut-in-half people, I deeply wished I could do something, anything to show my support and solidarity with the Libyans. And so when I heard that college students were arranging a demonstration, I spontaneously and with no second thoughts shouted in campus “I’M IN.” I felt like finally I’m going to do something for the Libyans, little indeed, but still ‘something’. And I thought that finally I will have a chance to say what I think of the brutality and inhumanity that is taking place there.

Excited and euphoric, I held the Palestinian flag up high (well, it was the only one I could lay my hands on), thinking of cheers I could shout in the demo. We walked and walked and walked, cheering and waving flags. At one time while we were walking, girls stopped cheering, so I turned my face at them, shouted my lungs out Repeat after me” and then I started hollering rhyming cheers. To be honest, it was an absolute and utter  shock to me how girls responded positively and shouted after me! And what shocked me even more, was how girls I never knew came whispering to me cheers so girls could repeat them after me!! when I was out of cheers I started recalling what the Egyptians used to say in their revolution, and guess what, they still kept cheering after me. “so, Thanks Egypt”

Uhhh my feeling at that moment when I led the cheering was indescribable; I was tremendously and massively thrilled. I felt like I had it all.. and I felt I really was doing something, and at the endo of it all i thought, What a rush!


* these pictures and more of the demo were taken by my friend, Lina 

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  • Fidaa

    This is our Amal. Go Go Friend. You’re doin’ a great job.
    Lots of love ❤

  • Minecraft Guide

    It’s interesting to see this point of view. I can’t say fore sure if I agree or not, but it is something I will think about now.

  • bacohead

    In the 90s we had the orange revolution in Ukraine, the Rose revolution in Georgia both of which it is now confirmed were backed by Nato/CIA. A certain Captain Bob Helvey being in overall command of the recruitment, organization and activation of “Otpor” resistance cells tasked with inciting insurrection and revolt in the urban population centres, all coordinated on the ground from the Marriot and Hilton hotels. It is no different in the middle east currently.

    The geostrategic goals in general are:
    Maintain American energy dominance in the region.
    NATOs further advance against perceived Russian protectionism.
    To drive the price of oil upwards to agrandise speculators on Wall st.
    To further consolidate central banking control over independent states.
    To get rid of the strong men in the middle east in order to install democratic (false left right paradigm) elections in which invariably pro US puppets such as el Baradei will bring false HOPE AND CHANGE while they acquiesce to US policies.
    To deny China access to gulf state and African oil. Watch Sudan as they supply China with 5% of their energy requirements.

    Naturally, propping up the dollar is key to the overall implementation of the wider objectives. US treasury bill commitments are predominantly foreign held, rather than having to honour them, driving oil to $200 a barrel will preserve the dollar as the world reserve currency for a decade longer whereby these foreign held reserves will go into oil rather than back to the US treasury which even now can’t sell their treasury bills, bonds, and notes. All oil is traded internationally in dollars, they went back to get Saddam because he started selling oil in euros, wmd and links to AQ being an insult to our intelligence. The PRIVATELY OWNED FOR PROFIT Federal Reserve is buying up US treasuries at an alarming rate, short term debt is selling but who wants a 30 year bond at 3%? Current yields don’t reflect anticipated inflationary risk especially as the debt ceiling doesn’t seem to have meaning anymore.

    This is ultimately a CIA/ shadow government/foundation funded/ Ingsocesque/ takeyourpickPAC/ central banking power coup. The US through the empty suit Obama and the state dept Clinton are saying, “we need to listen to the people these strongmen must go”. Yet they helped install most of these men, funded their regimes and supplied them with arms for decades. As Mossadeq was ousted by a CIA/SIS US/UK powercoup followed by the installing of the Shah, which ultimately led to the upheavel that swept Ayatollah Khomeini and the mullahs into power in the 70’s. The destabilization, demoralization, crisis and normalization gameplay will continue to be waged on the entire middle east and everywhere else for that matter for decades to come.

    This is the Zbigniew Brzezhinsky (Obama’s main foreign policy advisor, also ran the Carter administration back in the 70’s) methodology of microstates and ministates. Prescribed reading: The Grand Chessboard, The Clash of Civilisations. The people of the middle east will realise in about 10 years that they have been duped into believing that they have won their freedom, it is unfortunately a cruel hoax. Mubarak was ousted because he stopped price controls on wheat, the staple food in Egypt. Wheat is a securitised commodity on the futures market. It has been speculatively driven up to nearly double its price in less than a year in Wall st.

    Potatoes on the other hand have remained relatively unchanged as they are not traded in the futures market. Being Irish, I rather enjoy the odd spud, wouldn’t want to be paying 50 euro a bag for them though. That is not my idea of a fair society. It is no different in Libya, the people do want a better way of life and believe that democracy is the answer, it is not the answer but it is what will happen. What will they gain? The selling off of all their state assets to corporate interests and the introduction of a debt based fractional reserve fiat monetary system. And what’s there to lose? Well a short list would be:

    1. All newly weds used to receive $50,000 from the state.
    2. A private home was the basic right of every citizen of Libya.
    3. There were no electricity bills in Libya. Electricity was free.
    4. The people of Libya paid 0% interest on all loans according to Law.
    5. Gadhafi increased the literacy rate from 25% to 83%. Education in state universities was free.
    6. Medical expenses in state hospitals were free.
    7. The price of the petrol was 14 cents.
    8. When Libyan citizen bought a car, 50% was paid for by the state.
    9. A large loaf of bread used to cost 15 cents.
    10. A Libyan mother used to get 5000 us dollars for giving birth a child.
    11. I’m not saying Libya was perfect but it was not as it was portrayed in western media.

    The false left right paradigm that will be foisted on the Libyan people will facilitate the cooption, outsourcing, asset stripping and balkanization of this once strong nation and deliver it into the hands of the controlling oligarchies. Both sides of the political spectrum are funded by the same masters, because through control of the central banking system, the international financiers and the myrmidons of finance capital dictate and control the actions of governments.

    Back in the 90s Turkey had 40% of the value of its currency, the lire, wiped out in 4 days through the foreign exchange mechanism in the City of London and paid off a controlling faction of the Turkish general staff to enforce it. This was done because the incoming government threatened to close down the Central Bank of Turkey and create a system of public credit separate from the Red Shield controlled alternative, a prima facie case of economic terrorism in a modern context.

    It comes as no surprise that the Libyan NTC set up a new Central Bank of Libya no longer independent of the BIS controlled hegemonic global banking cartel as it had previously been. After all, “Competition is a sin”. This rabble band of Libyan heroes (AQ) achieved this miraculous feat a mere 13 days into their insurrection. 13 I hear the masons among you say, just a coincidence I’m sure.

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