Palestine Papers

Once upon a time there was a Palestine, and now there is “Palestine papers“.

We Palestinians never knew ‘defeat’ until we were met by an unexpected one some days ago. They call them “Palestine papers“, but unfortunately they are anything but “Palestinian“. Not only do they uncover secrets and reveal conspiracies, but also they uncover wounds and reveal grief.

Surprisingly, what these papers expose is relatively not shocking, for we all simply knew something wrong was happening. We just choose not to believe, or I would rather say convinced ourselves we were wrong. But now ironically these exposés are hunting us everywhere, and they are surely the talk of the city, the talk of the world. We cannot escape them now, no matter what.

What the “Palestine papers” expose in brief is,

‘Hundreds of people died for nothing, hundreds of lands were simply given away, and negotiations were held for us to give not to take back what once was ours’.

So in a briefer brief, we have been living a web of lies.

The funny thing in all this is that the “Others” behind the conspiracies against “us” Palestinians call themselves the true patriots and the sons of martyrs.. they call themselves true Palestinians, and the tragic heroes.. they call themselves the saviors and the S.O.S answerers. Well I don’t need either a polygraph nor Mark Wahlberg to help me figure out if they were ‘true’ or ‘false’, for papers and facts says it all..

Anyway, I have come to a conclusion that, watching these exposé’s Is like watching a lousy play that you wish the curtains to fall any time soon, but at the same time you don’t want to leave because you don’t want to miss the ending.

That being said, “the rest is silence.”




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