The month i like of all the twelve, is December . Not only because my birthday is in it, but also because of Christmas. Although i’m a Muslim and we don’t have Christmases, yet i love the spirit of this holiday. So many lights, so many beautifully decorated trees, and so many people running around stores buying gifts to each other and to their kids. Pictures of Santa Claus and his “HO HO HO.” And the Christmas songs are  just fascinating. I always told my family, if i ever traveled i want to travel in this time of the year, just to live the experience.

seeing the so many Christmas lights, and decorations online and on TV, reminded me of the terrible electricity-less situation we suffer from here in Gaza. the electricity issue is back, and it is off 8 hours a day. And it inspired me to write this..



All new life, all new

Atmosphere. They say

it might be just the year,

For us to change and to be so near.

In twelve days, a new year will come,

It is the year we all fear, 2000 and eleven.

I see all countries hanging Christmas lights,

While mine is hanging in the dark.

I don’t know if we’ll party in black

Or just sit in the back

No questions asked

Hush, it will stay




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