Metaphysical -birthday -sea

My friends and I registered this semester “Metaphysical poetry” course. This course is infamous, notorious and is widely recognized to be one of the English Literature’s worst courses, the dark side of the English department. It’s just difficult! A critic “Johnson” defined metaphysical poetry as, “the most heterogeneous ideas yoked by violence”. Not only me but all girls in my class believe that this critic is absolutely, undoubtfuly, enormously, completely RIGHT! They are so heterogeneous that we can’t get them sometimes, and other times we refuse to get them because the sexual references are just, too much plain, I mean just go ahead and read “The Flea” which is in brief -The sickest most idiotic undermining people’s intelligence poem, or maybe you shouldn’t, it’s horrible!

Anyway, today we had a metaphysical poetry EXAM! The exam was as metaphysical as the course itself. We all were crying on the inside once we saw the paper and started pursuing with the questions, and what’s even worse, the exam is for only 1 hour!

1 hour for metaphysical?? It’s not even close to ‘enough’.

Once the shortest hour of my life finished, and the teacher collected the papers and got out, my best friend Lina turned her face looking at me in a serene smile which if it meant anything, it meant something like “did we just got screwed?” I answered her smile by smiling back then told her “Happy #$@*in’ Birthday Lina” (for today is her birthday). Then I stood up, eulogized all my class who looked like they were all hit by a bus, or just saw a zombie. Then got out ‘not feeling anything’, just like Sayid Jarrah from Lost in the 6th season!

Once my 4 friends and I all gathered in campus talking about the exam, one of my friends (Amany) was really sad about what she’s done with Donne (a metaphysical poet) in the exam, while Lina and I were just euphoric! We were laughing out loud, making fun of the questions, let alone our AMAZING answers. Then we came to a conclusion that such event needs a true Carpe diem! We were not sure where to go, until we all settled on heading to the sea, it’s only there where we can all let off some steam.

There fun began. we went to a place here in Gaza called “Shalehat resort ”, it was the first time for us to go there, but Amany, she was the only one went there a couple of times before, hence recommended the place to us. it’s a cool place, but we didn’t really give the place much meditation, we just ran heading to the water.. I threw my bag on the sand, took off my shoes, then straight to the water, my friends followed me, then we started to play games, take a hundreds of photos together, sing, listen to songs, and shout out. After some time, the butterflies of our stomachs suddenly announced hunger, instantly we obeyed, when it comes to food, we all obey as fast as we could! We called a Pizaa delivery, waited patiently until it deliciously arrived! Hehehe Then we continued laughing out –seriouslyloud since we were the very only people on the beach, sang out loud, screamed out loud and jumped not out loud. It was really one of the best days I ever spent with my friends on the beach. It was more than just amazing. At the end before we leave we sang to Lina the Birthday song, i was extremely out loud LOOL and at the end Lina said “it’s the best birthday ever”. which really made me happy, i was worried we’d ruin it more than the metaphysical did! so Happy birthday Lina, again.

this would be me running with Amany, i’m the faster one hehe

Throwing sand balls at the sea, it was more of a game to see who throws it further


The one whom the sea water touched its legs loses, i guess we are losers !!

We believe we can fly !

Lina’s peace American bag and my peace i don’t know where from shoes

My friend Wala’a holding Palestinian Kofyya

yep i carved the word Metaphysical on the sand, Lina’s idea LOL

This door lock attracted my attention because it looked like An Antique Piece, my friends thought i was crazy to, but .. it looks cool ! doesn’t it ?

and we went home happily ever after. The End!

“the sea is the only place in Gaza where we can actually have fun” Amany.


3 responses to “Meta-birth-sea

  • Sam

    very much enjoyed reading this ! loved when you said ” the exam was as metaphysical as the course itself”
    I had an exam today too .. course credited 8 hours !!!
    well, not gonna complain 😛 150 minutes, went good ..i guess !
    Just like you, headed to the sea but not for fun … for work ! as the office is just a cross the street of Shalihat ! at least i got pizza delivered !
    I really need to let off some steam… after reading this , am totally into the idea !
    & Happy b day to Lina

  • Amany

    it is amaaaazing!! it is really soooo good. keep it on my friend. u r an amazing writer 😉

  • shahd


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