Wear to ExpreSs

An exhibition called “Wear to express” took place today in one of the cities restaurants. I heard of it through eavesdropping a girl in college who was speaking of how amazing it is going to be, considering that her brother is one of the people in charge of it. I told one of my friends about it, “I heard of it” she said “I saw it’s add. On Facebook” then we arranged to go together. The exhibition as I learned is

going to sell some printed t-shirts for alluring, low prices.. The exhibition will be on the 29th and 30th of October, from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm.. Your presence is such a pleasure

And yes I went there. First my mother and I were shocked that the restaurant was somehow empty! Well, it’s Friday = holiday, so it has to be rather empty but there is an EXHIBITION = there must be some people !

Anyway, we went inside and we were welcomed  by another  shock, the exhibition was but Two tables placed next to each other, in them there were: 4 types of T-shirts which are rather expensive and 10 types more or less of accessories. I called my friend instantly and told her not to bother coming. And my mother from the shock told me “let’s leave this place!”

luckily the restaurant in which we were in takes place next to the sea. so my mother called my father and told him to come pick us up and told me to wait for him in the sea, and there fun began. Me and mother did not stop making jokes of what just happened then gossiping about this and that, and in the meantime, taking pictures of the sky through our cell phones because it was absolutely breathtakingly mighty.

Introducing the sky..

hope you enjoy our sky 🙂


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