I Blog Graffiti

I blog from Gaza.

It is a matter of fact that hardly everything in Gaza is “sieged.” The sea, the streets, the city, the sky and even life itself. It is suffocating sometimes, but we are getting used to it, because simply we have no other option, it’s either this little or nothing at all.


When Shylock Shakespeare’s most famous character was taken away everything he said: “ I am content”. When the leading performer Satine in Moulin Rouge was dying, the theatre owner said “The show Must go onAnd When the Pandora inhabitants were brought down by the ‘sky people’ Jake Sully stood up and said “this is our land.”


When we Gazans read or watch such passionate scenes we identify with them the most. For we actually LIVE them every single day and know for real what they mean and imply.

For me, I know my blog is not really going to make this ‘difference’ here, but at least I know in myself that I’m doing something, my shares of “what it feels like to be a Gazan” are yes simple but they are something.

Writing blogs however, is not the only way for people around here to express how they feel about the situation in Gaza. Because at the same time the sea, the streets and the city are under siege, the street walls are not, so what some people do is: they get their colorful sprays, spread around the streets and start their graffiti. Their graffitis are not random, they tell stories.. they reflect inner emotion and they mirror the situation.

So everybody buckle up because I’m taking YOU into a tour around Gaza, showing you some of its Graffiti.





Each and every Graffiti has a story behind it which tells it in its own way, its own colors and the way it’s painter painted it.

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