“Inappropriate” Society!!

Society.. Society.. Society.

In ‘a society-governed’ society I was born. To those who do not know what that society is, It is a society that governs people by its own rules, let alone standards. Whether these rules were old or unfit for the time being, it did not matter. What mattered was and is that it has the power as long as possible and that we must obey. We never knew who ‘The Society’ exactly is that is making these rules! But the rules were greatly and fast spread, yet branded “MUST FOLLOW OR ELSE”.


The key word for this high authority is “inappropriate” and we all were accustomed to this magical word ever since we were kids. When we were girls of 12 years It was inappropriate to play with boys our age, then it was inappropriate to dress the way we wanted, the colors we liked for -it is inappropriate, it is inappropriate to go have a little walk in the beach bare footed alone, it is inappropriate to be yourself sometimes, it’s inappropriate to some extent to decide what you want to do with your life on your own, and it is inappropriate to go have lunch at any restaurant by yourself. Inappropriate this, inappropriate that. This word invaded our minds that we automatically began to think of what’s appropriate for the society’s rules before we think of what we want to do, which sometimes was against our own interests and needs.

If only I knew that I would be born in such society and governed with such relatively awkward rules, I would have refused to be part of it.

By the way, what I just wrote is inappropriate!


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