·˙۩˙·٠ Special Ramadan ·˙۩˙·٠•

In Ramadan we Muslims have ‘special’ everything. 

and since i’m from Gaza then let me rephrase,

In Ramadan we Gazans have ‘special’ everything, we have special meals, beverages, deserts, soups and decorations. They are simply special because you never see them but in Ramadan.

In Ramadan, the table of “Al Foutour” must contain soup, any kind of it, just a soup. Personally I’m a big fan of vegetables soup and corn soup, well and Lentil soup- it’s my very favorite. Obviously I’m a big fan of all kinds of soups !! now soups INDEED are special for Ramadan, people little to never make soups in regular days! You just pick a spoon start eating the soup and say “hmmm Ramadan”

In Ramadan, beverages are defiantly special, there is no refrigerator in any Gazan house that lacks “Karkadeeh, sous, or even kharoub ” personally i hate all of these things except for the Karkadeeh. I always place it’s bottle next to me, keep refilling my cup until i have no area to breath or even eat! in Ramadan, we drink a lot. everybody loves these beverages and they are 2 made only in Ramadan.


In Ramadan, desert is really really special, all kinds of desert shows up in Ramadan but the really unique one that  is only for Ramadan is “Qatayef” and Qatayef is everybody’s favorite around here, it’s made with either cheese or nuts, and you just can’t help but LOVE it either ways. if any one comes to visit anyone in Ramadan, they are given Karkadeeh for starters, then coffee and of course a Qatayef. In Ramadan visitors come knowing what will be served for them, Which is a privilege!!


In Ramadan, we have “feasts frenzy” all families start inviting their families or in laws or even friends. There must be feasts, bottom line is all people invite all people. Now what I love about it is that it brings families together, we all eat together and star having conversations about everything, by the way all conversations in Ramadan starts with one particular question “how is Ramadan with you??” once Ramadan begins this question begins with it. So feasts brings people together and it bonds the relationship between them, wait there is one more thing i LOVE about feasts > The food DUH !! people do thier best in cooking thier most delicious meals which is something i totally adore, hmmm in Ramadan you really enjoy eating. Now what I hate about these feasts is, if my family was the host because being a host of Ramadan feasts is a DISATSTER !! there is just too much to clean, and too much to worry about especially if there were kids, ughhh kids = broad fierce damage. They run everywhere, they break everything, and they spoil the food and drinks in the floor!! I mean hello you must be eating those not feeding them to the floor!! Although it’s fun and cool to be the host but when it comes to the cleaning part, you’re screwed.


Did you know that In Ramadan we even have special TV series and shows. Yes, they are made only for Ramadan. All channels race in having as much series as possible, I mean this year alone we have 400 series!!! And more than I don’t know what shows, all for Ramadan, and there are some channels that opens only in Ramadan and closes after it! In Ramadan, all people become seriesholic. Or TVholic!! They just become addicted to it! and that in particular brings me to the second question that comes in the conversations after “how is Ramadan with you?” is “ what series are you watching??”. See in Ramadan we even have special questions or FAQs!

In Ramadan, you walk the streets and start counting fasting people ‘of course you do that out of boredom!” but it’s just amazing how you know when you look around you that everybody is doing the same you’re doing all around Muslim countries, they are all fasting. They are all as hungry as you are and as thirsty as you are, well ok maybe more or less, doesn’t matter, what matters is that you feel like you are a part of something really big, something that Is at this very moment you know that every Muslim wherever he/she is, is doing. 

In Ramadan there are a lot of key words that you hear from everybody.. and i mean EVERYBODY:

1. I’m hungry

2. I’m thirsty

3. I’m tired

4. I have a headache

5. what are you having for fotour today?

During Ramadan, you spend every day of the month saying “ughhh when is Eid coming” and when it finally does and after some time you say “hmm I miss Ramadan”

After Ramadan, you lose all the special touches and blessings Ramadan provides. All the spirit, the food, the family meetings, the Sohour, the Taraweeh prayers, and you start thinking “mmm Ramadaaaaan”

Before Ramadan, everyone is enthusiastic about it. People go shopping for Ramadan supplies and the things that most likely will be used in Ramadan, or only in Ramadan (like Karkadeeh and stuff) they start waiting for the moon to show. and the core of every conversation would be this blessed month that is arriving. And when ever you turn a channel in TV you see an advertisement and at the end of it it says “Ramadan Kareem or Ramadan gathers us”. You see people decorating their houses and shops with big “Fawanees” which is one of the things that only shows in Ramadan and is used for decoration specially for this occasion. You just feel and experience Ramadan before it actually begins.  

The supplies

The decoration

The “Fawanees”

After Ramadan comes the Eid, and it’s even more special than Ramadan 🙂

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