Israel is invading Gaza

hi all,

In Gaza, we have been living under the severe strict conditions the siege imposed upon us for almost 4 years. For 4 years we have been suffering from shortage of almost everything and anything we need to survive. We lacked medicine and medical equipments, we lacked food, baby needs, construction tools, housing materials, and we lacked the life we had. Knowing that we would never posses these things but after a long exhausting hopeless arguments and humiliation from the Israelis, we started relying on the local industries, using the modest, cheap materials we had. Unfortunately the products we produce would not be as good as they must be, because of the humble supplies we used, yet we convinced ourselves that they are good, for they are all what we have. Merchants who were lucky enough to import certain products, would sell them in high prices, no one could blame them, because whatever they imported would take a long time in borders and would cost them triple the original price for the long time It spent there, not to mention if the imported material is medical or a food it would spoil or its expire date would come before it reaches Gaza therefore costs the merchant thousands. Due to the economic crisis specially after the 2009 war, not all people had the amount of money needed to buy what they wanted, so they would refrain from buying the expensive stuff available, so to merchants it’s a lose-lose case.

Recently, Israel agreed on letting certain under condition products get into Gaza, specially food. So all of the supermarkets were flooding products, but not any kind of product ..  Israeli products. Where ever you turn your eyes you would see stuff made in “ISRAEL”. Cleaning tools, bathing soaps, clothes, decoration things, snacks, frozen food, cheese, yogurt, even paper tissues!. when I saw all this it really felt like Israel invaded us, it sure is economically, but now these products are everywhere that if you thought  of boycotting them you would have nothing to eat, or to cure with, or clean with .

The other day I was talking this matter through with my friend, she told me that her uncle decided that “this is it, no more Israeli products, we are boycotting them, effective immediately” his wife opened the refrigerator and told him “have a look at this, everything we have is Israeli, even jelly! If you wanted to boycott, go boycott yourself, me and my children can’t!”.

It’s funny how Israel little to never allowed us to import products from abroad, and when they finally did, they flooded our shops with theirs!


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