University = A live Facebook

University = A live Facebook

Facebook is all about: making new friends, reunion with old friends, sharing pictures with friends, and sharing information.. with..Friends. But if you thought about it for a little you’ll figure out that you don’t need a Facebook to help you do any of this, because university made this much easier for you.

Yes, university.. A university is like a little village, where you meet hundreds of strangers ever day, a place where you smile, shake hands and people you know and others you have no idea who they are.

A place where you get to meet with your friends 5 days a week, and with them your ups and downs telling them you of the day.. you know like saying .

A place where you can finally be yourself either you want to be Crazy, energetic, nerdy, funny you just do what you want “of course away from the eyes of the college security” just and start the fire.

It’s a place where you get to classes with your best friends without even a little sense of conscious that what you have just did is wrong!

A place where you gather your class mates around you, plot against and gossip about the teacher who you all have hatred with, creating it’s main logo is “uni could have been a better place if not for this teacher”.

A place where you and your friends play like Truth or dare, and start asking your friends embarrassing questions, some may some questions, others may just answer them all happily.

A place where your teachers kill you with their like assignments and presentations and research papers! then shock you with the short period in which you have to your .

A place where you leave on hardly everything around you! Either positively or negatively, you just say your and it with your friends.

a place where you or the teachers or the students around you. And if you anyone this anyone must be aware from you if you decided to you’re feeling to others because in a second it will be “public” that, your friends and your “friends of friends” all will know !

A place where you and you just with them

and wait a second who said in university you cant share ??? there is something called “Bluetooth” in the world !!

A university is a place where you never ever see this ..

if your internet was down.

to be continued 😀
i know you do 😉

6 responses to “University = A live Facebook

  • rana

    hahaa i loved everything about this!! especailly the last sentence;
    ‘you like this’ i know you do 😉

    hhhhh cuz i really do!

  • shahd

    how great you are
    i do LOVE it

    we do all these
    yeaaaa we do
    especially skipping some lectures to have pizza with your gang

    you seem to be fadya nowadays you girl hhhhh

    keep it on meme

  • Fidaa

    JEEZ! that was awesome. so creative!
    I loved that, Amal.

  • tasneem

    so true 🙂

  • Ibtihal

    Thank you very much for this nice seemed so much funny though you I had to make some points clear in this regard. First, for me.. facebook isn’t all about making new friends, reunion with old ones.. etc is only one aspect of the whole story.
    Facebook is the biggest social platform online which also has different purposes other than networking. Marketing, business and entrepreneurship is totally depending on facebook and other social platforms where you can find your target audience very easy and they can interact with you or your product in a user-generated page.
    Unfortunately in some places in the Middle East, they still think of facebook as a cool website to be connected to friends and they didn’t realize how valuable this tool could be 🙂

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