Gaza World Cup Finale

hey all :

After me and my friends went to the (English, Irish) match in the Gaza World Cup 2010.. we decided to go to the finals no matter what. And so WE DID.. today at 04:05 we reached Al Yarmouk Stadium to watch the match. we were so happy, so excited so enthusiastic just to be there, the stadium was full… all people were cheering and we could see and hear all that before getting in.. but Once we stepped inside, we were met by the  frowning and wondering faces of the security there.. yes, our excitement was met by a disappointment.

first they told us to step a side, then told us to “go there near the ambulance, now .. move it” we felt like aliens! what is it in us girls that makes so un welcomed ! .. so there near the ambulance we saw the ambassadors of death !! women dressed in black from head to toe demanding to look through our stuff to see what we have there !!and they searched every thing i had in my bag then when they saw my camera they said “does this camera has a Zoom!!! ” “i said DUH ! SO !! it’s not like i’m going to snipe anyone with it !!” she answered no just a question ! well it’s the stupidest question i have ever heard ! i really felt humiliated then after looking through my stuff if i’m hiding there c4s or mini F16s with me !!  they said that they wont let us in :O 😐 i was really mad at that time that i could have killed someone ! i mean after all the insults they wont let us in!! so i had my friend Lina call “Waseem from Tida” to ask him to help us with this crisis, and have him send someone to help us get through the Golden mighty magnificent walls ! in a a second a guy came “Patrick McGrann” and we were in 😀 😀 me and my friends as soon as we got there forgot about it all and started saying it doesn’t matter the denigration because at the end WE DID IT !

so the GAZA WORLD CUP 2010 FINAL MATCH BEGAN .. but before a band called Wassan started doing “Dabbka show” it was really impressive ..

as this show was on and as i was looking around me i glanced a Foreigner, and after this quick glance i didn’t stop staring at him (i think i scared him hehehe) because i KNEW i saw him somewhere ! then i realized that he looked like an actor in 24 his character name was “bill bukanan, the head of CTU” so i couldn’t help but to go tell him, my friend tried to stop me telling me ‘ r u crazy amal ?” i said yes ! and i went straight to him telling him “hi how r u… u look like an actor 😀 do u know 24 ? he said ya, i told him well u look like bill bukanan, i swear for a moment i thought it was u” he laughed at me 😀 then told me his name was “curch” then i told him ‘ well, nice meeting u bill bukanan” hhhhh..

anyway after the Dabbka and my randomness, the players came, played the national anthem for both teams and the Palestinian of course then the Game began ..

in the first half of the match, Jordan scored a goal ! which was a real PAIN to me and my friend considering that we all were cheering for France, so we didn’t stop cheering and crying out loud ” Go France, Come on France, u can do it France” then me and lina went a little crazy we started to sing ” i like to move it move it” !! then i went crazy shouting at the french team who lost over a hounded times on scoring a goal saying ” my grandma plays better than u !!” this remark made all people stare at me laughing ! well it was the truth !

after the first half of the match there was a little show of i don’t know what, but the dancers were wearing red and white . and they started i think dancing ?! i don’t know what was it but it wasn’t good or ” i would rather say lame” .. during the show i saw a guy ‘Alex’ sitting next to me looking real sad ! i asked him why he was like this telling him is it that bad ? he said it is it’s real bad, and he said he was trying to give a name or categorize what they do but he couldn’t hhhhhh well lets face it it was not that good ! although the dancing wasn’t that good, but hey i got to meet Alex 😀

this is the humble cup

after this the real fun began, the second match was really amazing, because it was on fire.. France scored a GOAL O HAPPY ME 😀 we all started to jump and scream and i think i hugged my friend Fida’a ! and an italian guy “David or Dahood as he said looked at me and said “alhomdulelah” i was really shocked he could speak Arabic ! better yet, say thank god, then we kept talking till the end of the match, the goal made me meet David and the red show Alex hehehe this is making the best out of the best and the best out of the worst ! anyway, then the luck just kept on pouring .. and we WON

this is the crowd going wild

now this is France going wild

it was the most amazing experiences i’ve ever had in my entire life .. i will never forget it .

at the end i’d like to thank waseem and Mr Patric who if not for their efforts, we would never have experienced this ..


2 responses to “Gaza World Cup Finale

  • Fidaa

    YeY us! We did it. That’s what matters now. I forgot about the humiliation and the affront we received. But then we entered as victorious girls. I insist on being called “the four death -defying girls” or pick a name. I don’t think one would do what we did.

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