r u kiddin’ me!

Aloha y’all :

In my Facebook profile, i have a photo album called “r u kiddin me” in this album i put what ever funny, abnormal, crazy  thing i see any time any where here in Gaza..

i’ll begin with some kids i’ve seen, and upon seeing them i ran after them to snap a pic for them saying to my self ” waw now that’s what i’m talkin about this is gonna enrich my r u kiddin me album” 😀

weirdo kids

this one was in my college ,, > ya it happened ur eyes r not deceiving u .. in poetry class last semester a student brought her daughter ,who is that shocked kid up there, while the teacher was explaining a poem to us she was running around between us playing and shouting! i guess the poem then was the Tyger by William Blake!

in college ,,  > when i saw this girl i was like 😐 r u really capable of wearin’ such thing in public !!! and i snapped the shot and i said to my frnd this girl will be a precious add to my collection of ‘ r u kiddin me’ cuz seriously wat was she thinkin of when she put that “D.R.E.S.S” on not to mention the bonnet and the little bag !

in college ,, again > this sister right here is the mother bee 😀 .. i never noticed that our college is always the place where little kids are hilariously dressed ! and colorfully happy !

finally a weirdly dressed kid who is not in my college ,, this one was on street > i think this red girl comes from Vegas or sth !! LOOOL .. walking on the street with her skirt up and her hair undone ! unbelievable

Now moving on to other things which  i saw and made me LOL ..


1st UFO is a CAR !!! saying “I believe i can fly, i believe i can touch the sky” 😀  my facebook comment on this was “now somebody plz explain to me what the hell is that car like thing doin up there !” after this someone told me that in the past the people who repair cars used to do this as an advertisement to them selves,so that’s them saying “ya we fix cars over here” !! so obviously who ever put this car up there forgot that we’re living in 2010 not the 18s or 19s anymore  !!!!

the 2nd UFO is a PAJAMAS crying “let me down, let me down” this thing was on the street which leads to my university, now the streets which leads to university’s are supposed to be empty or at least clean ! and if there was anyone selling anything the normal thing is to be selling books !! GUESS WHAT !! not here …..  here the street is filled with people who are selling what ever they can sell other than books !!

so my facebook comment on this was “now that’s what we call a UFO !!! un identified flying object ! we earth citizen salute u ,,!” and my friend Fidaa answered saying “ UFO? Uha? see how beautiful Gaza is! it is God’s heaven on earth 😦 “

now this is the street >> i call it “the road of pains”, 1st because it’s too long, second because of the endless sellers who sell shoes, clothes, snakes, anything but books !

the rest … coming soon 😀


4 responses to “r u kiddin’ me!

  • Fidaa

    lol lol hilarious. I liked the Vegas girl and the 1st UFo. IT’S Gaza, after all, where you can find every unusual thing and weird ppl. I loved it, tho’. it’s colorful with its originality and novelty. YEY us! no one can imitate US. we are unique to the extent we are indistinguishable, indefinable and inimitable

  • Fidaa

    I forgot to say that your blog is like an applitizer. when you feel bad, upset or sad just open Amal’s blog and laugh.

    • hopeingaza

      tnxxx fidaa i’m sooo glad u liked it 🙂 and just so u know Gaza has it all “Vegas, China, Egypt, and even the US” i mean isn’t all of our imports from there ? hhhhh
      GO Gaza GO >>>
      i quoted u up there have u noticed ? 😀

  • Fidaa

    Yes. I have.

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