Cinderella man, Cinderella Palestine

After watching the movie Cinderella Man this was my facebooks status … “i lived every single second of the movie as if it was really for real specially the last boxing match my heart was beating and i was praying for Russell Crowe to win i was like crazy i held my brothers hand asking him whether he’ll die or not, win or not !! and when he won i stood up screaming 4 him and shouting OH YA.  i was living the match as if i were there telling him to stand to fight back and never give up,, Fida’a you missed A LOT by not watching it … it’s official now Cinderella Man is my very favorite movie ever..”

From the very first scene I felt involved in the movie mentally and emotionally, specially after Jim Braddock (Russell Crowe) has lost his title as the world champ in Boxing. And later when he had a second chance to make it all up, and the way he knew how to seize it was really inspirational..

I dedicate this movie to all of the Palestinians whom once lost hope in their lives, specially us Gazans who are suffering from the severe situation the siege has imposed upon us. And I tell them never ever to lose hope because there’s always tomorrow and there’s always hope, and sooner or later we will win our own match against our own  “Max Baer”..

I believe that all Palestinians must watch this extraordinary movie because it doesn’t only give hope to the hopeless but also it teaches, it teaches how to hold on and wait for a better day it teaches the true meaning of determination, it teaches that no matter how strong, how powerful our enemy is we can crush him. In the movie Jim Braddock was a very poor man who wasn’t able to pay any of his bills, his body was weak and beaten up, and he was pretty much out of luck!! but driven by honor, and an incredible will he went back fighting and he started to win a fight after another until he became an athlete myth “Cinderella Man”. And at the end of the movie he challenged a young rich full of youth-enthusiasm player “Max Baer” and that man was best known to be a boxing animal, that he killed 2 of his contestants before, yet Jim Braddock didn’t care about that and he fought until his last breath.  he didn’t withdraw although he had the chance to -more than once-, he didn’t hold back and he didn’t care for the fact that Max was much healthier and stronger than he is. He fought with all his heart and he -WON… and this is exactly our case.. we are relatively poor and beaten up, next to our disproportionally strong enemy! and yes we keep challenging.. we keep struggling..and  we keep fighting.. and i believe deep in my self that there will come a day when we will for real win a final match!

We all must think and believe that in every and each one of us there’s a Cinderella Man yearning to come out, and a Cinderella Man who is leading us to the righteous way …

That’s why we should all Palestinians take this hero as our model and our determination icon.


2 responses to “Cinderella man, Cinderella Palestine

  • Fidaa

    That was magnificent. I’ve just done watchin’ it.
    Yesss we shouldn’t ever give up hope. Nice analogy, Amal. Keep up the good spirit, friend. You’ve said it all.

    PS. Was that “Fidaa” me? ^ ^ I didn’t know that you mentioned my name in your wonderful post. You should’ve told me so I could feel rejoiced! 😉
    No I missed nothing, right?

    • hopeingaza

      thank’s a billion fida’a 😀
      yes it was you, you told me earlier before i watch it that you missed it, and so i told you that you missed a lot..
      and no you didn’t miss a thing 🙂

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