Gaza series

Today when I was at college I looked at the sky and I saw that it was gloomy, the sun was veiled and the weather was outrageously depressing. I got back home watched an episode of “Grey’s anatomy” which is one of my very favorite series to change my mood and forget about today’s disgusting weather, which felt like there was a window of hell opened on us and when I finished watching it, this thing popped into my mind. I found that most of the series I know can apply on Gaza ! and on our situation

series from a Gazan perspective:

Small Ville, is what Gaza feels like

Heroes, is who we really are… yet

Lost, is how we feel

24, are the hours we spend living in mess

Prison break, is what leaving Gaza is called

Criminal minds, is the stereotype we r endowed with

The unit, is what we seek

Without a trace, is how people are killed here

House, is lost and found

Low & order, is something we lack

Desperate housewives, are those the widowed women of Palestine.

Super natural, was the last war launched against us

the’ legend of the seeker, is freedom

Brothers and sisters, is our Gazan society

90210, is hardly the number of the casualties for the last couple of years

The office, is the wish of every graduated student

Numbers, are nothing to us

Charmed, is the outer world on our situation

Friends, are what’s left to us

Days of our lives, misery is one key aspect in the days of our lives…


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