A trip in the Gaza strip

hey all,

4 days ago my friends and I heard that the English club is preparing for a field trip on Thursday that is heading to the south of the Gaza strip, to (Rafah, Khan younis and Der el balah) places we have never ever been to! so we were so excited to go… well actually not that excited ! in these 4 days we were hesitant whether to go or not. Some times we would be like “why not! we go and explore” other times we just change our minds and say  “naaaah we should stay at home and study” then we go back to saying “why not” then “why yes!!” anyway on Wednesday we made up our minds that we should GO.

so we were all gathered in college at 8 sth am and then we started our discovery journey to the south >>>

at the very beginning the first stop we had was in a park in Rafah .. it was really nice and we had alot of fun ..

this is the park ..

don’t ask about this building because i don’t know what is doing there or what is it for !

this white building is the Islamic bank- Rafah branch .. it’s right outside the park

this would be a man carrying cheeps in his horse dragged cart!! .. also out side the park .. obviously!

in the park there were a lot of childish games just like this one.. but i took a picture of these two happy couples because they didn’t let me and my friends play instead of them !! ughh KIDS

after having our breakfast in this really cool green place.. and after we acted a little crazy and played a little we went directly to the Southern jungle (zoo)..


it say’s ” the southern jungle … animals from around the world”

a Farsi kitty

the king and queen of the jungle! but they were  friendly!! ( between you and I they drugged them not to erupt at us, so they were totally stoned hehehe) these were from Africa

ninja Gaza turtles 😀

Australian Tiger

this monkey was adorable ,, he had this itsy bitsy teeny weeny little monkey child or kid .. and it was soooo a dorbale

and there was a lot more, there was, Gazelles, Lamas, peacocks, foxes, crocodiles, ostriches, chimpanzees, monkeys and so much more, but all sedated.. or under the influence.. or high .. no no not high !! they were all more like sleep walking ! but despite the stinky smell and the outrageously sleepy animals my friends and I were content of  the zoo… yes our zoo’s are nothing next to the ones out side there but at least we have one! we enjoyed it, lived the moment, and will never forget this day. So  before we go to our next stop i looked to the left of this zoo and i saw this great golden carpet .. and i couldn’t but just have a picture of it ..

this land belonged to someone of course .. so all around it there was a fence luckily for me i saw the owner walking around it .. so i like shouted “hey sir, sir excuse me” .. he said “yes” i said ” can i please sir just get in snap a shot then get out??” at that moment i felt like OLIVER TWIST asking for more .. but luckily again the man was not like Mr. Bumble and he said .. ‘yeahh why not .. c’mon in’ .. and he just opend the door for me 😀 it felt great ..


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