My biography

my name is Amal and this is my first post…

In Qatar in the 9th of Dec. 1989, i was born. When i turned 5 my family decided to move to Gaza -our hometown, and ever since then i’ve known nothing but this city, you may wonder why would they ever leave a free country like Qatar to come to Gaza\Palestine although they know the kind of situation there ,, well, my family wanted to come back to their city to where they truely belong . when i turned 15 or something all of my concern was directed to movies and handsome actors, i was like the ultimate Hollywood reporter to my friends !! whenever they wanna watch a movie they come and ask amal, whenever they wanna know a little biography about an actor “specially handsome ones” amal is always to the rescue 😀 i mean i knew the actors lives better than them !!! I was obsessed with something called movies, series and TV shows ,, I loved the creator of the great marvelous and divine invention of the TV. I was like a walking talking live TV!. one day when I was 16  I counted the movies I’ve watched they were over 350… ya I was movies freak. When I was in high school this obsession was a little turned off and I started to write,, short stories, articles songs whatever come into my mind .. still I watched movies of course ! you know what they say “old habits DIE HARD” by the way I watched the 4 die hards for Bruce willis 😀 anyway I graduated from high school and I went to start my college “supposed to be mature” life in the IUG. I applied for English educational, then after a year I changed to study English literature. And I really loved it “still do”.

I’m a social person and I love to be surrounded by friends and people so I thought that college is the best place to build like a pile of friends ! and I did 😀 in the first year alone I knew hardly most if not all of the girls who study with me ! I was energetic “still am” hehehe that most of the girls who saw me thought I was ahead of them in years, and I made friends with some of my teachers only the ones I liked. Most people think that when a person enters college this person becomes quiet and mature  and all grown up, guess what NOT ME ! being energetic happy optimistic and funny is my character ( you can see me up there in the photo, the one with her hands up in the sky hehe) ! and I can’t change that and nobody can 😀 and I like me the way I am ..

I mean u think after being like 20 and stuff I stopped me watching teenager movies and listens to west life back street boys rihanna or even miley cyrus some times.. no still the same but a little bit changed … I still watch millions of movies ,, I still have crushes on actors ! I still do irrational and sometimes ridiculous things in public, I still and I still and I still … I’m still the old me .. because no one can change who I am .. ‘I am what I am’ right ?

Being in Gaza have never been an obstacle to me to do whatever I want, I somehow coped, YES I WISH to travel abroad to see the real WORLD, but I thought Gaza is my world, if I can’t go out there and do whatever people do like go to a decent theme park where I can ride a roller coaster, go to an aquarium to see weird looking fishes other than the ones we eat down here, go in a cruise in the ocean, or even see an ocean, a waterfall, a lake !!! go to a cinema , see a live circus, watch a real football match just live my life you know ! it does not matter, I know that all of these things and more in one day I’ll accomplish some of them !because there’s always hope and we never know what fate is hiding for us. So what I did was just finding alternatives “until my dreams come true” here in Gaza. When I go to a theme park there are some games that are really crazy and sometimes risky! Such games are my own roller coasters.. the ocean to me is just a big sea let’s face it really is a big sea.. so the Mediterranean is my ocean, aquariums ?! just watch discovery channel all kinds of fishes are there .. and so much more ,, I’m not saying that these simple alternatives are enough and that’s it I don’t wanna see the real thing .. it’s just until the day when I see those things happen I’m holding on here in Gaza.

p.s: Amal = hope, in English…



3 responses to “My biography

  • Fidaa

    Jeez! that’s cool, MemE. I like your personality.. Keep it that way and keep up the good work always.

    sweetheart, deal with Al-Ma7ata Park or Sindebad as a decent theme park.. and I guess you rode a roller coaster Lol.. Don’t be ungrateful!! well, a cruise in the ocean? mm what about “el 7asaka” haven’t you ever tried it? consider it a yacht or sth..
    a lake? Wadi Gaza? doesn’t it work? Cinema? Rashad el Shawa and El-mes7al can do the job? I guess you lived the experience of living a real football match..
    Regarding an aquarium or a waterfall!! I’ll fetch for an alternative

  • hwayda

    your words had done some magic to me…. i decided to have an eye on the first blog you had written, ,,,,, and surprisingly, i found how much you are qualified to write about gaza and gazans, so you deserve the name hope of gaza, also i realized that you hide a honest open cheerful person,,,, i love your language

    please, accept me as a follower to this blog, and you can find me on facebook
    please, just email me, its so much intresting to talk on msn, we have something that we share ^-^

    Hwayda Hemaid
    lots of love

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