A day to remember

hey all,

May the 3rd 2010 is one of those days which i’ll never forget… that day i went to college as usual thinking about the Elizabethan exam i’m having in the very next day.. there i met my friends and started talking about every thing. then one of my friends said “hey guys have you heard of the GAZA WORLD CUP 2010??” for me i did hear some news on facebook .. then she said that she wished if she could go there,, then the spark of eagerness and excitements inflamed me and my friends to go there and watch the match which was between England (Jamaeey Rafah) x Ireland (Friendship)… the second she said her wish to us, we were all infected , and we all wanted to go. And me, all I could think of was the match we “wish” to go to, I started telling them that we must shout for ENGLAND and that I always wanted to go to a football match and to carry that big thumb up people hold and flags .. just be a true fan! but there was one obstacle, that we live in Gaza it was somehow not accepted for girls to go there! And me and my friends were SOOO worried about our parents reaction to this ! one of us already guaranteed her attendance because her mother proposed her to go there. Anyway I went home running eager to know my father’s answer to this. I told him I wanted to go and he just said “go” !!! I was perfectly happy with that I started calling my friends telling them to prepare them selves to GO… and guess what WE WENT TO A FOOTBALL MATCH !

so went to the “Palestine Stadium” with a big fat smile,, i couldn’t hear what my friends were saying in the car on our way there because actually my heart was in my ears beating so loud … we reached there, and to be honest it wasn’t as we expected !! first we were stopped by the security of the stadium .. they were totally in shock to see us there! They said “what are you doing here girls, are you with the press?” we said “no! we just wanna watch the match!” and they even got more shocked because we were the only 3 girls in the entire building?  the security went up and down they started connecting each other ! they stopped us for like 15 minutes thinking of what to do with us.. at that very moment we felt like terrorists!! then suddenly one of them came and he said “follow me” so he escorted us to the foreign people’s area..

we didn’t really care because we were so enthusiastic to just watch the match. When we sat there we found that the game already started ! although we were coming on time,, (ughh if not for that stop).

There we had a lot of fun although the game was not that good, we enjoyed the company of the foreigners they were also very excited about the game and went on shouting the entire time every one cheering for it’s team. Among them there was a man with a cow boy cap, he was the funniest of all, he really had the spirit of a football fan, he was supporting England “like my self” so all the time with his really strong voice he from time to time shouted (C’MON ENGLAN), (GO ENGLAND) and at the same time there was a lady next to him shouts (IRELAND) and my friend was supporting Ireland by the way.. so when the free time between the two matches came he grabbed the “English” flag and started running in the field as a reaction the woman who was supporting Ireland took the “Irish” flag and went running after him.. it was really funny 🙂 he’s the one who set the plaay on motion and showed the true spirit of the game. Anyway, unfortunately for me my team LOST the match 3 to 1 ! Well you know what people say “ at least we can say we came, we saw, we tried”

It was really amazing how the foreigners were so supportative for this world cup thing, I thought they would have never take such matter seriously and to them it’s but a trifle thing, but on the contrary they came and supported us and It meant the world to me and to all the Palestinians.

Going to a football match was one of the wished I had on my wish list to go watch a football match abroad because I knew there could never be a football match in Gaza, but in Gaza I fulfilled one of my wishes in the Gaza world cup 2010.. this world cup is like shout to the outer world who are watching us suffer under the siege not able to do anything like crippled people, that we can do it..

this would be the England team … the one i was cheering for 😀

the Ireland’s are all over the poor England player !


i call this one the true football SPIRIT

i think a player was hurt here

Ireland Vs England supporters

ughh we were this close to win the game !!

and so England LOST … 3-1 .. i know NOT FAIR





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